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Listen to Sunday services, sermons, choir voices, and other special recordings from Shepherd of the Valley. Download an episode, stream it to your browser, and subscribe with iTunes or your favorite podcast manager.

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Click to PlayService-2018-11-18-10-55 12:22pm Nov 18 18 Save MP3 63.2 MB
Click to PlayService-2018-11-11-10-55 12:35pm Nov 11 18 Save MP3 54.9 MB
Click to PlayService-2018-11-04-10-55 9:23pm Nov 4 18 Save MP3 70.9 MB
Click to PlayService-2018-10-28-10-55 5:18pm Oct 28 18 Save MP3 69.4 MB
Click to PlayService-2018-10-21-08-25 9:59am Oct 21 18 Save MP3 64.7 MB
Click to PlayService-2018-10-14-10-55 7:13pm Oct 14 18 Save MP3 68.6 MB
Click to PlayService-2018-10-07-10-55 12:18pm Oct 7 18 Save MP3 61.1 MB
Click to PlayService-2018-09-30-10-55 12:14pm Sep 30 18 Save MP3 55.5 MB
Click to PlayService-2018-09-23-10-55 7:57pm Sep 27 18 Save MP3 63.5 MB
Click to PlayService-2018-09-16-08-25 12:10pm Sep 16 18 Save MP3 58.1 MB
Click to PlayService-2018-09-09-10-55 8:02am Sep 13 18 Save MP3 69.1 MB
Click to PlayService-2018-09-02-09-55 1:31pm Sep 2 18 Save MP3 61.5 MB
Click to PlayService-2018-08-26-09-55 2:12pm Aug 26 18 Save MP3 55.7 MB
Click to PlayService-2018-08-19-09-55 12:50pm Aug 20 18 Save MP3 56.2 MB
Click to PlayService-2018-08-12-08-25 10:50am Aug 12 18 Save MP3 56.5 MB
Click to PlayService-2018-08-05-08-25 10:09am Aug 5 18 Save MP3 67 MB
Click to PlayService-2018-07-29-09-55 11:19am Jul 29 18 Save MP3 57.4 MB
Click to PlayService-2018-07-22-09-55 11:54am Jul 22 18 Save MP3 59.3 MB
Click to PlayService-2018-07-15-09-55 11:23am Jul 15 18 Save MP3 48.3 MB
Click to PlayService-2018-07-08-09-55 6:34pm Jul 13 18 Save MP3 48.6 MB

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