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Capital Campaign Case Statement
Building on Christ our Foundation

From the humble beginnings of Pastor E. David Spencer knocking, who arrived from Utica Michigan in 1973, and began by knocking on doors looking for parishioners to help him establish a mission church in Beaverton Oregon. Today Shepherd of the Valley has made dramatic strides increasing worship attendance, having two worship services, having 5 employees and having an established Christian child care operation.

The organizational/charter meeting for forming Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran Church was held on February 17th, 1974.

The first worship services were held at the home of Bob Morrison for approximately 4 weeks until Somerset West Covenant Church was located for the holding of the first worship service September 9th, 1973.

The current property, 3.3 acres, was purchased from Standard Insurance Company by the Board of America Missions, September 6th, 1974 with ground breaking for our current building on Sunday, October 6th, 1974. The congregation had the privilege to volunteer many hours of work in the construction of our church building.

We all love our Church home however we know that the building is inadequate for all of our ministries. The building was constructed in 1975, as a multi purpose facility with an open floor plan used for sports activities and worship space, with the only real up date being done in 2007 in the child care area. Our current building does not comply with ADA standards nor does our current parking lot.

Our Building Committee has worked many hours obtaining permits necessary to have our property rezoned and partitioning the property in order to allow for the sale of a portion of our property which will create some funds to be used toward building an addition to our current building. Additional funds were obtained from Washington County for frontage to our property for widening of Cornell Road.

The purpose of the proposed addition to our Church home building would allow Shepherd of the Valley to add Sunday school rooms which are currently not available for both youth and adults, provide meeting rooms, provide added space for our Christian child care program and conform to all current or pending statutes and safety standards, provide space for a fellowship area, correct insufficient meeting space for committees, council, choir and outside groups.

The new addition will be Phase I which will entail creating a dedicated sanctuary while still maintaining the relaxed worship service, adding a choir area and choir practice area, renovating and bring our current building up to code including establishing a fellowship area, adding much needed classrooms for our Sunday school program.
Phase I will create an inviting invitation to come and worship with Shepherd of the Valley a church that cares, not only about today but also about future and prepares the Children of God through education and support.

Phase II will create added secured classrooms for Kids of the Kingdom, Sunday school classrooms, kitchen space, and restroom facilities for the handicapped and additional office space for staff. Phase II will also allow SOV to enhance and comply with all statutes and ADA requirements.

A strong vision exist for the future of our congregation, but we must have appropriate facilities in order that the vision can be pursued.

We must build the new addition in order that we may:
• Provide space for our children to attend Sunday school
• Give our youth a place to gather
• Have suitable space for adult education
• Have a dedicated sanctuary for worship
• Cultivate small group worship activities
• Provide space for choir rehearsal
• Provide better space for our Christian Education pre-school
• Accommodate a larger worshiping community
• Comply with all safety and ADA requirements
• Provide suitable space for existing and future staff
• Provide space of our children to grow through their school years
• Provide dedicated space for Fellowship
• A dedicated nursery which will be safer and cleaner for our children

The new addition in Phase I, will add seating for an additional 100 people each service in a beautiful dedicated sanctuary; in addition to the already critical need for existing program for our children and youth, provide space needs for existing staff and enhance the presence of the congregation within the community permitting the present growth of the congregation to continue.

Shepherd of the Valley is a Caring Community Touched by Christ.

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